One for all, all for one

We are the Bite AG

The exchange of ideas and shared experiences are important to us. Bite AG is characterised by a family atmosphere. Even with 40 colleagues, this is still possible. Friendly, loyal and respectful cooperation is our basis.


The mission statement of Bite AG

Our mission statement and self-image and the values it contains apply to colleagues, customers, business partners and suppliers – without distinction. It is a guideline that reflects our ideal vision. This is where we are heading. Many things already exist and some things we still want to achieve. In our development process, we can reflect on the content again and again and refer to this guide.

In all of this, we are all human beings with different daily routines. No one needs to pretend, everyone can be authentic. We treat each other in a friendly and respectful manner, demonstrate good tact and the right level of sensitivity.

Truly reliable

We honour what we have agreed. We provide prompt feedback on questions and enquiries. It’s good that we can rely on each other.

Truly trustworthy

Our open and respectful approach creates the basis for trust. We give others the benefit of the doubt. We are convinced that we work with trustworthy people.

Truly familiar

Our company is characterised by a family atmosphere. We also organise various leisure activities together outside of working hours. Friendly, loyal and respectful cooperation is our basis.

Truly honest

We are honest, sincere and fair. This includes everyone admitting their mistakes and articulating when something hasn’t worked out.

Truly professional

We are aware of our skills and utilise them to the best of our ability. We approach our tasks in a structured and disciplined manner.

Truly friendly

We treat everyone fairly and equally well. We firmly believe that kindness can make up for a lot. Our basic attitude is positive – even if something doesn’t go quite so smoothly. We stand up for each other and make sure that we feel comfortable with each other.

Truly funny

We are authentic and get personally involved. We enjoy what we do. Identifying with the company is very important to us.

Truly modern

Together, we ensure that we and the company are doing well. We treat people as a resource with sensitivity – they are our most valuable asset. We work in teams with different compositions and adapt the team to the projects. Making a difference, realising and trying things out – that is our basic attitude.

Truly fluffy

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Head office

Bite AG
Im Köller 3
70794 Filderstadt

Phone: +49 (0)711 380155 00

Branch office

Bite sp. z o.o.
ul. Solna 1/51
30-527 Kraków

Phone: +48 (0)123 134 519

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